A story of a placeholder project

Old shames stay shameful

Have you ever written poetry as a teenager?

I did. I was genuinely good at it. Supposedly. Maybe. Well, no, I probably really sucked, just like everyone else. Kinda like I suck at web design and everything else I do. Point being, I did it. I even liked it, which to me is much more important than if I was any good at it.

I still sometimes write fiction.

One day my life took me to a veggie store, right as it opened. I had a sleepless night there, something that is rather common for me. I got my usual things. Something incredible happened to me as I reached for the cauliflower.

My imagination painted a picture of a creature. It was incredibly dark, large, impossibly elongated and very hungry. It wanted to feed on me so that it would have the energy to turn the stars into dust. It didn't have anything against me. I just happened to be there, an easily available snack.

I ended up not buying the cauliflower.

The Antipodes are born

I went home and started writing down my ideas about the cosmic creatures that my mind brought to life. This was something I cared about. I actually really needed to care about something.

Before the cauliflower I was in the middle of developing a guidebook for some technological thing or another. I got really sick of working on it. I needed a change. Pushing myself for six hours a day, every day of the week, on top a half-time teaching job, was a bit much. I stopped caring about the material. My mind slowed down and refused to cooperate.

I figured that I needed to write something that I care about. I wanted to execute something well. And here were the Antipodes, as I named the creatures that I imagined.

I continued writing about the incomprehensible creatures. I created the CSS that makes the page look good. I created a logo. I got a domain. I set up a web server. I released it to complete lack of interest. No one cared and I did not mind.

This was the plan. I was not expecting for anyone to notice. I just wanted to go through the motions as practice. I wanted it to be on something I give a shit about. I loved every bit of the experience.

Having caught a break from technical writing, my creativity returned. I go to continue on the more serious track of creating a book.


My only regret is that I didn't actually get to execute this well. I think there are some good pieces of writing in there. I published nine episodes. There are about eleven more, just waiting for me to edit them. However, for now my focus is elsewhere.

That all being said... If you dare to see this monstrosity, head over here. Don't say that I didn't warn you. It kinda sucks, just like your teenage poetry did.

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